About us

The name 'Kosmopolitan' is derived from Ancient Greek philosophy known as 'Cosmopolitanism' which conceptualizes the values of community and mutual respect. We extract the idea of 'Cosmopolitanism', and incorporate it into our establishment to elicit ourselves as providing a sense of community. A place that welcomes all people, and brings different people together. 


What we offer

Kosmopolitan is a place where you will find fresh, healthy and wholesome food. We emphasize on providing our customers with food that is a combination of having incredible taste and nutritional health benefits. 

A whole range of food we sell have vegetarian properties with rich exotic modifications.

We offer breakfast and lunch including a collection of various Turkish traditional ingredients such as Sucuk, Pastirma, and Menemen. 

Fresh and delectable main dishes is another part of what we serve. These are highly appetizing and made special. 

The food we serve is healthy as all our dishes are hand made with exceptional care and attentiveness. We focus on serving food with fresh and top quality ingredients, which gives it its scrumptious and nutritional outcomes. 


We take great pride in our food but we also offer exquisite coffee. Come down for a tasty pastry and a nice hot cup of coffee. Enjoy the smooth and comforting atmosphere at the Kosmopolitan Eatery.

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